Press Statement by Attorneys for Dr. Arnold Klein, Mark Vincent Kaplan and Bradley P. Boyer

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to family law specialist Mark Vincent Kaplan of Kaplan & Simon and Bradley P. Boyer of Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley, both of Los Angeles:

At 9:15 AM today, August 3, 2009, we appeared on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein before Judge Mitchell Beckloff in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Probate Department 5, to ask the Court to allow Dr. Klein to have an opportunity to present evidence to the Court for its consideration in fashioning an appropriate guardianship order with specific protection and supervision in areas relating to Paris Katherine and Prince Michael’s upbringing that were of particular concern to Michael. Dr. Klein is not objecting to Katherine Jackson being the guardian nominee, but was acting on promises he made to Michael with respect to assuring the long term health and stability of the children and their ability to enjoy as normal of a life out of the spotlight as could be reasonably possible.

Dr. Klein has always had a special relationship with Paris Katherine and Prince Michael, loves and cares deeply for these children and is looking out for their best interest. Dr. Klein has been involved with the children in sharing holidays and other special events and wishes to have the ability to continue his involvement as a very close friend of their father and offers his guidance and protection forever.

Dr. Klein will make no further comments regarding this issue and asks the media to respect the privacy of the children.

Counsel appearing today agreed that they would file their papers on behalf of Dr. Klein on September 1, 2009.


Kaplan & Simon
Mark Vincent Kaplan, 310-277-9009
Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley
Bradley P. Boyer, 213-312-2047

Updated Statement Regarding Dr. Arnold Klein

Updated Statement Regarding Dr. Arnold Klein

I think the total focus of the FDA is wrong. FDA people are panicked over somehow being held responsible for any politically sensitive problem. Issues of real patient safety for the sake of patient safety is lost in the bureaucracy, no matter who runs it. In my humble experience since the device regs were installed in 1976, I have found the following:

1) The purpose of the device regulations is to form a framework where ANY political problem, such as a patient death or injury, can be pinned on some failure on the part of the company involved. The problem is NEVER lodged with the FDA over lack of regulations being promulgated. The way this is done is to write the regs so that the company has to include its own detailed procedures that the FDA then uses to inspect against. If the procedures provided by the company are not sufficient to have prevented the problem, its the company’s fault.

2) The acceptable OUT for the company in the regulations is always some failure of the EMPLOYEES after they have been trained. The company just reprimands the employee for not having followed the procedures as specified by the company and the FDA is satisfied. There can never be a problem about FDA enforcement of regulations then, since the FDA and the company did what they were supposed to do, but some lowly employee didnt listen and its THEIR fault.

3) The FDA is happiest with the large companies, since they are meticulous about closing the loop mentioned above. Therefore there is a paper trail which the FDA can rely on which shows the company set the proper procedures, but some lowly employee didn’t follow them after being “trained”.

This is why its easier for the FDA to go along with the large companies and do what they want!! The FDA is safe. The companies are safer because they can say they complied with government regs but some lowly employee just did a ‘human error’ thing.

The solution in my opinion is to redirect the focus of the FDA so it’s in an ADVISORY capacity and involved only in the scientific analysis of new things. It should beef up its scientific review and advertise to the hospitals and doctors that they should use FDA approved stuff BECAUSE THEY DO PROPER SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS.

I just dont think that they can remain impartial when there is so much Industry-Government interaction.

Dr Klein,

I can only imagine you are getting bombarded.

Just add me to the positive pile that appreciated your candor, compassion, and clarity.

I’ve not been able to stomach watching much of the “carnival”, thanks for bringing your sensibilities to the dialogue.

Dr. Klein,

I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude today, to you, for your interview on Larry King. You were informative, truthful, and genuinely heart felt for your deep admiration for your patient and friend, Michael Jackson. Thank you for your kind words and allowing Michael to be humanized to the public once again. It’s people like you who will continue to keep his legacy alive and strong, in the most positive manner.

Dear Dr. Klein,

I just heard your interview with Larry King. I want to thank you for clarifying and defining Michael’s medical challenges. I carefully questioned the networks (CNN) report and description and found it to be repulsive, jaded and racist. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard news reporters describe the color of someone’s skin, after all, my mother is Caucasian; when she died, she was a little paler than in life, aren’t we all.

So thank you Dr., I appreciate being educated and able to decipher the truth amongst the muck!!!

Dear Dr. Klein,

Thank you for sharing your story last night on Larry King. You came across as honest and caring. It was comforting to hear your side of the story. So many people tried to make a freak out of him, saying he was bleaching his skin when in fact he had a condition. I’ve seen people with this disease and it’s not pretty, everyone stares. I’ve been a fan of Michael’s since the Jackson 5 days and I can’t believe he’s gone. Thank you for coming forward and sharing your relationship with Michael. Good luck and may God’s peace be with you.

Dr. Klein,

I hope that this letter reaches you. I saw your interview on Larry King (July 08, 2009) and with true sincerity wanted to communicate my thoughts to you.

I am extremely impressed with the manner in which you handled the questions relative to Michael Jackson, his children, your involvement with his medical care and undeniable loyalty to his well-being.

Without question your loyalty and dedication to care extends to that of all of your patients (not only to Michael or other VIPs).

In addition, if I may, I would like to applaud your unfiltered thoughts and fight to contain/eliminate unsafe practices related to plastic surgery. I have never had any plastic surgery; however, I was extremely moved by your sincerity and passion to communicate these dangers to the audience.

Even though I originally decided to watch the Larry King show to obtain updates relative to Michael Jackson’s death I found myself intrigued by your push to re-direct the dialogue toward unsafe medical practice awareness (with no disrespect to Michael Jackson). Like most of the population I did not know Michael Jackson. I do feel that we lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Like you, I also feel like his children deserve the best and my heart goes out to them.

I don’t normally write to people I don’t know. I hope, for whatever it is worth, my thoughts and feelings are well received. I think you did a marvelous job during the interview and have a striking level of integrity and sincerity. I simply wanted you to know that.

Dr Klein,

I just want to thank you for the information you shared on unsafe practices, procedures, and pharmacology during your interview with Larry King. I also want to commend you for your regard of the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of the Jackson children and the concern, devotion, and respect you demonstrated regarding them. May HaShem grant you a refuah sh’leimah of body, mind, and soul. B’esrat HaShem, knowing you are there for them, Mr. Jackson can rest in peace.

Dear Dr. Klein,

I have watched your interview with Larry King and think you are a brilliant, honest man, whose obvious integrity and care for your patients and friends speak volumes about your character.

It is my sincere hope that YOU prove to be the genetic Father of these beautiful, brilliant children, and that they have the privilege of your presence fully in their lives.

God’s richest blessings on a Good Man.

You have touched me, Dr. Klein.

Dear Dr Klein,

I just want to say that you are a very special and sincere human being. God bless you for all the good things you have done in your life for others. If you were here in front of me I would give you a great big hug. Thank You for your goodness.

Dearest Dr. Klein,

I just viewed portions of your interview with Larry King.

Thank you so much for giving such a caring, sensible and reasonable explanation on so many questions about Michael Jackson. I don’t know that many will take the time to hear your voice, and I do wish they would, but such is the sad way of our society these days. That so many allow themselves to be “informed” by headlines is something I just can’t figure out.

Outside of sharing my appreciation for that, I wanted to contact you about the work you are doing on changing how the FDA works and getting rid of many very harmful drugs. Your statement of how you feel pharmaceutical companies run the FDA was shocking to me. Shocking in the way that I couldn’t believe that someone as highly respected as yourself would actually verbalize this truth on national television.

Dear Dr. Klein,

Just saw your interview on LKL — wished it could have been another hour! Great hearing from you on these key issues affecting patients…great to have this “straight talk” on the role of FDA, current state of medical journals, doctors…need more of this. And of course, wonderful to hear your perspective on Michael’s family and kids. Your comment, “this is different, they’re following me for a change” was hilarious! We had a good chuckle there…you’ve got great perspective on all this. Keep up good work!

Dr. Klein,

Thank you for appearing on Larry King tonight and speaking so warmly and kindly about Michael Jackson. It was so good to hear someone talk about Jackson’s goodness and love for all those he came in contact with. I am sick of all those who are trying to benefit from their association with him. I just hope that his children are left alone and that they have the normal upbringing that Michael Jackson never had and appears to have wanted so much for his children.

Again, thank you for talking about the humanity and kindness of Michael Jackson.

For reference:

At this point in my career I really shouldn’t be shocked to see a journalist behave this way, ignoring the truth, which is that Dr. Klein is one of most caring and qualified physicians I have ever known. The work he is doing to protect women from doctors that do not care is extraordinary and noble. He is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. I feel honored to be a patient and a friend. Very sincerely, Linda Evans

Jane, I must tell you that as a fellow journalist, I am offended & ashamed of your post regarding Dr. Arnold Klein. As journalists, we have the responsibility of being fair, unbiased, & certainly in your case, acting in the best interest of your readers. Your post is nothing more than a disrespectful attempt at sarcasm, not to mention, very self-indulgent. How can anyone criticize a physician who spends virtually every single day watching out for not just his own patients, but the entire population? Have you bothered to ask yourself what Dr. Klein gains by exposing dangerous fillers & the physicians who inject them into trusting patients? Jane, he has absolutely nothing to gain, he bravely speaks the truth. (a rarity these days) For better or worse, most doctors will go to ridiculous extremes to “protect” other docs…even at the expense of trusting patients. That is not the case with Dr.Klein. His actions display the type of physician he is, but more importantly, the kind of man he is. I won’t list all of Dr. Klein’s accolades & accomplishments, that was very well done by the poster, “MargaretP,” however, shame on YOU for not bothering to mention any of Dr. Klein’s contributions to this world. The only “contribution”you deem worth mentioning is whether or not he fathered his dear friend, Michael Jackson’s children? Seriously? That’s the best you can do? This man devotes the majority of his life & work to bettering humanity, & you chose to stoop to tabloid levels? You also show your disrespect & lack of ethics in mentioning Dr. Klein’s ancient lawsuit with Irena Medavoy. Journalism 101…you must present the facts & both sides of the story. Jane, Dr. Klein WON that completely flagrant lawsuit. How dare you not mention that part? Finally, instead of making light of the fact that Dr. Klein takes the time out of his very busy schedule to phone you, & implore you to warn the public of dangers, why not commend him for caring so passionately? This world would be a much better place if everyone acted with the same passion, heart, & integrity as Dr. Arnold Klein.
Posted at 7/4/2009 3:47:24 am by Alicia

Responses to this blog from the public:

Bravo and kudos to Margaret for hitting the nail on the head! I find it appalling that Ms. Larkworthy stoop so low as to bow to rumours and tabloid trash to try to get public interest in something she wrote. The fact that she admits not even wanting to talk to Dr. Klein when anyone who does a simple Google search will discover that he is a lone voice of reason in a world of corporate money being paramount over consumer safety is amazing as an editor of W. I will NOT be renewing my subscription to W when it comes due. It’s editorial staff obviously was chosen from the bowels of tabloids and appears to have little care or regard for the individual.
Posted at 7/2/2009 9:10:55 pm by PaulineC
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This is FABULOUS, MargaretP. Thanks for posting!
Posted at 7/2/2009 6:53:29 pm by Holadms6
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The press needs to pay attention to Margaret’s post instead of rumors. The extent of Dr. Klein’s amazing work is the story that needs to be told.
Posted at 7/2/2009 1:41:02 am by kathleeno
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dear margaret, that was really a wonderful response. naturally, sensationalist has crept out of the tabloids and into most mainstream publications and websites in the hopes of driving traffic. at least you can set the record straight. two thumbs up. xoxox imeanwhat
Posted at 7/1/2009 6:01:58 pm by Imeanwhat
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Compassion and human kindness do not mix well with ranting and raving. During this time when we should be grieving the death of a man and respecting his family, many have chosen to sensationalize his life and fuel gossip and speculation. It is disappointing to see you using this rumor as a bully pulpit to vilify Dr. Arnold Klein. With the removal of one filler from the market and now the addition of black-box warning labels on Botox, it seems that his concerns were justified and that you were doing a disservice to your readers by ignoring the concerns he raised. Perhaps you should look at your own motives, are you placing advertising dollars before your readers safety? Perhaps it’s promoting one doctor at the expense of another, or maybe you just don’t like the man? Regardless, your commentary does little to enlighten your readers. Why not try focusing on the positive things he’s done? You describe him like is a nuisance, yet he has dedicated his life to helping others. In addition to his private practice, he’s also a Professor of Medicine and Dermatology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. The UCLA Division of Dermatology named an endowed chair in his honor. He is deeply committed to philanthropy. In 1984, Dr. Klein, along with David Geffen, Dr. Mathilde Krim, and others, founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amFAR). Dr. Klein continues to serve as a Founding Member and Director Emeritus. Most recently Dr. Klein established the endowment for the Elizabeth Taylor Center for AIDS Research, Treatment and Education at UCLA. In an article related to AIDS in Africa in the November 2008 issue of L’Uomo Vogue, it was reported that Dr. Klein and the organizations he founded have raised in excess of 274 million dollars for HIV research and care. Dr. Klein also serves or served as a Trustee to numerous Boards of Directors, including the Jennifer Jones-Simon Foundation, the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences, and The Hereditary Disease Foundation. Dr. Klein is also the founder of the Rose Tarlow-Arnold W. Klein Breast Cancer Foundation at UCLA, established to provide breast cancer treatment for individuals who are unable to afford it. The person you call the “Don of Botox” is regarded by his peers as the father of minimally invasive aesthetics. I hope that in the future, you set your personal opinions aside and focus on a person’s contributions instead of the sensationalist speculation of the tabloids.
Posted at 7/1/2009 4:38:21 pm by MargaretP

By Arnold William Klein, MD

Botox was the wonderchild of cosmetic enhancement of the 21st century. Although approved in 1989 as an orphan drug for neurologic conditions of the eye, in April 2002 the FDA approved botulinum toxin type A (Botox Cosmetic) to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). To some, it seemed virtually “goof-proof”. For others, it provided a wonderful reason to throw a party. Doctors who dispensed Botox prospered; most patients were happy; and Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, got rich. For a time, it seemed that Botox truly was a paradise for all.

The Botox party wouldn’t last for long however. In 2003, unusual things began to happen. The chief consultants for Allergan went to work for other cosmetic companies. Not only did they lobby the FDA to get such new agents as Artefill (injectable plexiglass for wrinkle correction) approved, they injected these new products across America to a euphoric public eager for anything new.

There was however one tiny problem; these consultants were foreign and had neither green cards nor licenses to practice medicine in the U.S. With industry money behind them, however, they became very powerful lobbyists to the FDA to get new toxins approved.

In the same year, these same consultants attempted to get a paper published on why dilution (the ratio of Botox to saline in an injection) of Botox did not matter. Their assertion was that if you added more liquid, increasing the volume of the injection, there were no additional side effects. It would be a boom to the drug company—the easier the formulation for Botox, the greater the draw of potential injectors. This would result in increased sales for Allergan, but at the expense of the general public because the data these consultants collected from their research made no sense.

Common sense dictates that if you add more liquid to a solution, it will spread further when poured out, but that concept was apparently alien to this study. Botox works by arresting the chemical reaction that causes most muscles to contract, thereby temporarily paralyzing the muscle. The greater the volume of Botox used, the larger the spread of this paralysis. If it spreads to a muscle that a person needs to keep moving, such as the eyes, a person would be unable to see. If it spreads to a muscle that is critical for life, such as one that deals with swallowing, then life threatening problems can occur. In response to a negative outcry from one of the doctors who reviewed the study’s findings, the foreign doctors did the ‘logical’ thing—they changed the data (1). With changed data indicating that there were no additional side effects, the company could start raking in the money.

This paper with altered data was held for a few years, but then it was published in 2007 accompanied by a paper on a product called Myobloc, which these consultants deemed safe and effective. These consultants attempted to add two other well known research doctors’ names to this paper, but those doctors refused to be included.

Why? The literature surrounding this agent showed it capable of causing severe side effects distant to the site of injection and Myobloc had been found in foreign studies to be more toxic than U.S. studies had shown. The drug company paid to have the paper published (sans the two doctors’ names) in a competent medical journal (1).

As these consultants lobbied and spread their altered data reports throughout the medical community, a very troubling thing began to happen in the world of cosmetic medicine. Some people fell ill after being injected. Deaths were also reported, but this was more from the use of these products in neurologic conditions than in cosmetic conditions. Nevertheless, these patients were dead from the effects of too much product in the dilutions.

Altering data, patient deaths due to the possibility of a greater spread of the toxin from increased volume, and questions about how a government agency didn’t examine the findings more closely seems like fodder for a dime store spy novel, not for the world of cosmetic medicine. But the facts are there. The conclusions we can draw from it make the U.S. seem like a 3rd world corrupt power, not the world leader and innovator that Americans think we are.

In January of 2008, Dr. Sidney Wolfe and the Public Citizen Health Research Group petitioned the FDA to respond to what was happening: they wanted an explanation as to the spread of toxin from the site of injection, the associated weaknesses some patients had after injections, the inability to swallow, and, of course, the causes of death in extreme cases. They also requested that the FDA require patients who have had a Botox treatment to be given a “written warning” to make them aware of the toxin spreading to other parts of the body. Other countries, including Germany and England, already required patients be given pamphlets to recognize symptoms, including difficulty breathing and swallowing. A report in a German Weekly news magazine Focus announced that the London Based European Medicines Agency had, by August 2007, recorded more than 600 cases of negative effects potentially linked to Botox. In 28 cases, Botox users died, and in Germany, the Federal Institute for Medication and Medical Products had received 210 reports with a suspected link to Botox—five of the cases were lethal (13). In Canada, Health Canada (the Canadian equivalent of the FDA) and Allergan had already dealt with these problems as well.

One must wonder why the U.S. FDA was not aware of this information and why it took Sidney Wolfe and his Public Citizen Health Research Group to petition the agency to look into the matter?

The FDA response came from Janet Woodcock, Director of the Center for Drug Evaluation at the FDA. This 19 page response really does not provide the breadth of information available on toxins. Issues that were not touched upon include:
1)    Dilution: A review of all the available studies on children with spasticity in two medical search sources revealed that concentration and volume of the diluted toxin can affect the spread. Furthermore, injection techniques were highly variable from center to center (2). Though the FDA previously cautioned Allergan about dilution, that information, which would be important, cannot be found in the FDA response to Wolfe (3).
2)    Myobloc: While Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) can be associated with botulinum toxin type A, it occurs with a much greater frequency with type B. Even when treating the distal legs, doctors have seen difficulty swallowing with type B and it has been noted even when the toxin is used to control excess sweating. The company Skin Medica at one point was considering acquiring this toxin, but a clinical trial for treatment of the glabella revealed such severe side effects that the purchase was never completed by the company.
3)    Mechanism of Action: Inhibition of the release of Acetylcholine: This was once considered its only mode of action, but how could this explain the manner in which it relieved pain in patients who had shingles or even improvement in migraines? Furthermore, this is not the manner in which it affects spasticity. Research has shown that botulinum toxin type A decreases spasticity by its action primarily on muscle spindles which are bodies found in almost all muscles of the limbs. These spindles then give signals to other spindles within the area which accounts for the profound effect of Botox on spasticity, which is greater than the normal zone of diffusion. Additionally, when correctly injected, Botox will affect spasticity without creating muscle weaknesses. In regards to pain, this is most probably due to a blockade of neurotransmitters such as substance P-glutamate and calcitonin gene-related peptide (7,8,9). Thus, the inhibition of acetylcholine release is only one mode of action and in no way explains its action on pain or spasticity.

The response article attempts to treat all toxins the same. This is a very dangerous assumption to be making in a scholarly reply. Furthermore, it attempts to use the same injection pattern for all toxins. This pattern was developed specifically for Botox based on its diffusion (10). Toxins such as Purtox, Xeomin, Myobloc and Dysport have a lighter molecular weight and thus diffuse to a greater extent than Botox. You cannot compare a Type B toxin to a Type A (12). Type B is known to have severe distant side effects! Furthermore, 2000U of Myobloc was used to treat the frown in a study where 20 units of Botox were used. The ratio of units required would, at higher levels, be lethal. Myoboc is not safe and effective and should never be compared to Botox. Unfortunately, the literature developed by the lobbyists and paid for by the drug company says it is safe and effective. It is the written word that doctors believe.

Somehow, somewhere there should be a source of information which is independent of the drug companies, and reflects what is truly known in this field. Yet we are at a time in medicine where the truth is considered a source of great controversy. And unfortunately, that utopian Botox Paradise of 2002 now has become a Paradise Lost and for some patients, a nightmare.

Who regulates the FDA? Foreign lobbyists on drug company payrolls? It appears that may just be the case.

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13)  Focus, German weekly news magazine (2008 Sept 1)

I am both pleased and proud to introduce to the blogging world, Dr. Arnold William Klein.

Dr. Klein, the internationl authority on minimally invasive aesthetics and renowned for pioneering the cosmetic use of Botox and dermal fillers,  offers the very best in dermatology and cosmetic surgery from his practice on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, California. His expertise has garnered him recogntion as the international father of architectural facial restoration, and the superior techniques he developed for natural-looking soft tissue augmentation are used around the world today.

But it’s not just his knowledge and expertise that have earned him a list of patients that includes some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Dr Klein is also dedicated to the highest standards of ethical practice, becoming a vocal advocate for patient safety. Most recently, he took a stand against the industry and the Food and Drug Administration over a popular but potentially dangerous new injectable filler. “The health and satisfaction of my patients is always my top priority,” says Dr. Klein. “I hold my practice to the highest standard and do not endorse products that can harm my patients. Dermatology in its top form is art, and the face should be treated that way–with the utmost care.”

Not only does Dr. Klein run a very busy, prestigious parctice, but he’s also a Professor of Medicine and Dermatology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and an emeritus attending physician at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A prolific author, he has published nearly 150 scientific papers in prestigious peer-reviewed journals and has written four medical textbooks and numerous textbook chapters. Throughout his career, Dr. Klein has been deeply involved in philanthropy. He founded the Elizabeth Taylor HIV Clinic at UCLA and with Dame Elizabeth, helped bring amFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) into existence. Dr. Klein diagnosed some of the very first cases of AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma seen in Los Angeles in the early 1980’s. In an article related to AIDS in Africa in the November 2008 issue of L’Uomo Vogue, it was reported that Dr. Klein and the organizations he founded have raised in excess of 274 million dollars for HIV research and care.

Dr. Klein offers his patients not only his expertise in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, but also dedication and commitment that is unsurpassed. According to one patient who has been with Dr. Klein since 1987, “He has the capacity for friendship, is compassionate and passionate about his work, and he’s completely focused on the needs of his patients. He’s a real rare bird in the jungle of Beverly Hills.”

Welcome to the blog of Dr. Arnold William Klein.

Fleur Henry / Communications Director / Arnold William Klein, MD